About Me

My name is Abhijit Chowdhary and I am an 18 year old at New York University.

Back in High School, I spent months on our robotics team and I think it broke me. The thrill of the deadline and the 24/7 dedication to one project addicted me to punishing challenges. Now:
I live for the impossible quest. I am at my peak when tension is high and the fire is roaring.
This probably solidified my choice in CS and math. I already admired elegant mathematical theory and the myriad of powerful CS applications, but in particular I enjoyed developing my own implementations. while at the moment I am interested in strategy optimtimization mostly in artificial intelligence and probability, I am happy to work on anything that is previously uncharted territory. If you know of an interesting project that could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes feel free to contact me.

Contact Details

Abhijit Chowdhary
33 Washington Square W
NY, NY 10011 US

abhijit9331 AT gmail DOT com
ac6361 AT nyu DOT edu


Hammond High School

August 2012May 2016

I spent most of my time in high school in the tech room, where our FIRST robotics team met. For the 6 weeks every year that was build season, out every though that went to the goal of winning. We proudly wrangled ourselves a couple semi-finalist finishes. Academically, in the 11th grade I ran out of classes to take in the Math and Science catalogs and instead spent 12th grade half here and at Howard Community College. It was here where I taught myself python and some java.

Howard Community College

Non-Degree coursework: May 2014 May 2016

After I finished up the math and science courses at Hammond, I took after school and summer courses at HCC in the Calculus sequence, English, and Russian. I am particularily fond of their library, which, albiet small, is well curated.

New York University (Currently Attending)

Pursuing Degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science: Summer 2016

I am currently taking Computer Systems Orginization (precursor to Operating Systems) and plan on taking basic algorithms next semester, although I have self studied a bit of it. I am looking for an opportunity to help research at NYU, particularily in the fields of combinatorics or graph theory although I wouldn't refuse others.


I am well versed in Java and consider it to be my primary language. Python I use when I need to write smaller scripts, usually dealing with some sort of computation. I do have experiance in python web API's, but not much. I am finishing up Data Structures this summer, and am in the process of teaching myself C for potentially helping the Kernel.

  • Java
  • Python
  • Data Structures
  • C